Faith-Based Counseling


What is "Faith-Based Counseling" or "Christian Integration"?

If you choose to incorporate your Christian faith into therapy, a therapist that specializes in Christian Integration will walk alongside you as you move towards finding healing and wholeness by connecting your faith into your therapeutic journey. Basically, the term "Christian Integration" means integrating the field of counseling (and the different effective therapies that we know have been proven to help people) with a client's Christian beliefs.

In using a Christian approach to therapy, your therapist will help you understand and align your beliefs, values and actions with your faith in the therapeutic process. This may include using your faith and spiritual practices (i.e. Bible Reading, Prayer or Christian activities/interventions and so on) in the healing process. This can be done using various therapies and adapting them to fit your needs and beliefs and by incorporating spiritual beliefs and a biblical perspective or worldview into the healing process. You and your therapist will work together to find the best fit in terms of the types of therapies that are utilized as well as what will be most useful and helpful to you in terms of integrating your faith into the counseling process.

A licensed therapist will also maintain ethical standards and respect your beliefs and values, grounding the therapy process with a combination of their professional training and specialty training in Christian Integration.

*Note: I work with people from all Faith Backgrounds. If you have a different faith background, we can still incorporate that into the counseling process as it is helpful to you. If an individual does not want to integrate faith into the counseling experience that will be honored as well.

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